Opus delivers HD over coaxial plus iPhone compatibility


The HDCX103 is capable of distributing HDMI signals using standard coaxial cable, or indeed Cat5 cables, as often used in home installation.

Opus claims this will mean high-definition video and multichannel audio can be sent over greater lengths and more cost-effectively than previously possible.

In fact, 75 Ohm coaxial cables can distribute 1080p signals in excess of 80m, and remain HDCP compliant and compatible with CEC and IR Blaster control systems.

Talking of control, Opus has also announced custom applications enabling users to control their Opus systems with an Apple iPhone or Apple iPod Touch. The new app is available free of charge from the Apple Store.

Opus Hotspot software also allows Apple TV to integrate with the Opus system, right down to being controlled by the WCU600 keypad.

For more information on these latest products and innovations, head over to the Opus Technologies website.