Oppo launches Find X5 smartphone range and Enco X2 wireless earbuds

Oppo launches Find X5 smartphone range and Enco X2 wireless earbuds
(Image credit: Oppo)

If you're looking for a new Android phone or pair of true wireless earbuds, Oppo might have just the ticket. It's just launched its Find X5 phone range and Enco X2 wireless earbuds in the UK.

The Find X5 family comprises three handsets: the Find X5 Pro, Find X5 and Find X5 Lite (think of them as the iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini of the Android world). The X5 Pro is the biggest and most premium of the range, and boasts Oppo's new MariSilicon X neural processing engine for better low-light video recording.

Oppo claims it delivers "the most powerful AI computing power available," with an improvement of four times in perceived night video resolution, less grain and superior colour reproduction (presumably that's compared to previous Oppo phones). According to Oppo, each frame of your video footage will be as clean as a still photo. Bold claim.

The X5 Pro's wide-angle camera has a first-of-its-kind five-axis optical image stabilisation system to counter the shakes, reduce noise and sharpen your snaps. The front camera has also been given an overhaul, and now packs 32 megapixels.

The imaging functions were created in collaboration with camera giant Hasselblad.

The Find X5 Pro's design was apparently inspired by spacecraft, and it's rated IP68 resistant to water splashing and dust.

Its 6.7-inch AMOLED screen also has some new tech: what Oppo claims is the first multi-brightness colour calibration of its kind. This should create consistent colours no matter the lighting conditions.

Inside is a 5000mAh battery (on a par with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra) which can charge from empty to 50 per cent in just 12 minutes.

The Find X5 is smaller, at 6.5 inches and has a 120Hz screen, while the X5 Pro Lite is a little smaller still, at 6.4 inches.

Oppo launches Find X5 smartphone range and Enco X2 wireless earbuds

(Image credit: Oppo)

The Enco X2 wireless earbuds follow the four-star Enco X, and continue Oppo's partnership with Danish loudspeaker company Dynaudio. They feature a coaxial dual-driver design, 11mm dynamic driver, and a quad-magnet planar tweeter with a frequency response of 20Hz to 40kHz.

Oppo claims the noise cancellation is "industry-leading", which is another bold claim, especially given the quality of the competition (Sony WF-1000XM4, we're looking at you). They support a 45dB maximum depth and 4kHz maximum width, with a bit rate of up to 900kbps.

Plenty to digest, then. The question is, can these devices do enough to stand out in their respective fields?

The Find X5 Series is up for pre-order from 10th March, and on general sale from 24th March. The Find X5 Pro starts at £1049, the Find X5 at £749 and the Find X5 Lite at £419. The Oppo Enco X2 wireless earbuds go on sale from 15th April for £169 – that's a little pricier than their predecessors.


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