One of the best TVs we've tested, the Sony A90J, is on sale with $600 off

Sony XR-55A90J
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One of the best TVs we've ever tested at What HiFi?, the Sony XR-55A90J, is now on sale with a massive $600 off the asking price. This means its price tag has gone from $2800 to just $2200. It's still not a cheap set, but this level of picture quality won't be found in budget TVs.

Not only that, the Sony's audio quality is a cut above the rest when it comes to TV speakers. Combine this with an absolutely stunning picture and you've got one of the best TVs we've tested in recent memory.

Sony XR-55A90J deal at Amazon

Sony XR-55A90J: $2800 $2200 at Amazon (save $600)

Sony XR-55A90J: $2800 $2200 at Amazon (save $600)
This 55-inch Sony OLED TV is one of the best-looking sets we've ever tested and produces some of the best audio we've heard from a flatscreen. Now, with $600 off.

Sony's OLED TVs are generally held in high regard for their superb picture quality, and the XR-55A90J does not disappoint. It's sharper and more detailed than LG's G1 OLED and it's one of the most natural-looking pictures we've seen. And, to top things off, motion is handled beautifully too. 

The A90J also raises the bar for Sony OLEDs when it comes to usability, allowing users to quickly and smoothly get access to all the various apps and settings they need.

TV speakers are notoriously disappointing, but the Sony XR-55A90J wows with its audio, too. It's more than capable of filling a room with sound and immersing you in a scene. However, of course, even the best TV speakers are no match for a separate sound system, so you might want to consider adding a soundbar.

And while the XR-55A90J doesn't have the best input latency money can buy for gaming, it's close to it and now Sony's VRR update has finally arrived this set is a more attractive proposition for hardcore gamers.

If you want a brilliant premium TV with a good discount, this deal on the Sony XR-55A90J will be tough to beat.


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