NEWS: Transmit your iTunes with Gear4's AirZone FM dock

This neat little gizmo from Gear4 is a powerful FM transmitter which allows you to play your iPod's music through any FM radio, either in your car, on holiday or at home.

It's designed to work with all iPods with a dock connector, and will work with the iPhone when the phone function switched off.

The £20 AirZone FM dock has a backlit LED screen, four adjustable preset buttons and supports stereo sound. It draws power from the iPod, so there's no need for batteries or an external power supply.

The device has an expanded bandwidth of 97.5 to 108MHz to help ensure the user gets a wide choice of frequencies for locking on to the radio.

There's a mini USB port for charging the iPod, and the device is fully compliant with European FM transmission regulations.

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Andy Clough

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