NEWS: Hide your flatscreen TV in the fireplace

Lottery winners roll up! If you want to get one up on your neighbours, we’ve got just the thing: a marble fireplace designed to hide your flatscreen TV when it’s not in use. Picture House has created the Kiara, yours for the princely sum of £4000.

It’s a fully working electric fireplace, with an output of 2kW, but press the remote control and – hey presto – your flatscreen TV will rise into view. When you’ve finished watching, press the remote again and the TV will disappear.

The unit is freestanding, doesn’t require a flue and can easily be moved. There’s a matching marble cabinet (£979) for your DVD player and other home cinema equipment.

Designer David Free describes the fireplace as “a blend of raw, rough stone and the elegance of highly polished marble with Romanesque columns at each end”. It’s 159cm wide, 102cm high and 60cm deep.

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Andy Clough

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