NEWS: BBC iPlayer to run on Sony PS3?

Last week we reported that the Nintendo Wii can now run the BBC iPlayer streaming TV service, and now there are rumours that Sony's PS3 might be the next console to work with the service.

There's no official announcement yet from the BBC or Sony, but there's evidence on the web that adapting the PS3 to run iPlayer may not be that difficult.

An enterprising PS3 owner has managed to get the iPlayer up and running on a PS3. Type the URL in to a PS3 browser and it will, apparently, play streaming iPlayer programmes.

We haven't tried it ourselves yet, but reports elsewhere suggest it can work, although sometimes with mixed success.

Anthony Rose, the BBC's head of digital media technology, has written about ps3iplayer on his own blog, and says he's impressed. He also says iPlayer on the PS3 is being investigated and will be launched officially "in due course".

The creator of adds: "It's mainly a demonstration of how easily the BBC could support the PS3 with their Wii version of iPlayer. This does nothing more than mask your PS3's user-agent string and makes half a dozen changes to make the JavaScript and CSS function correctly on the PS3. It only took a day to produce – so come on BBC, how about implementing this properly."

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Andy Clough

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