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NEWS: BBC iPlayer comes to the iPhone

BBC's fabled iPlayer is now available on the Apple iPhone and the iPod Touch, the first time that the software has made its way on to portable players.

This allows you to stream content from the iPlayer website over Wi-Fi networks. However it won't be possible to view content using the EDGE connection.

The BBC has said it is currently working on other versions of the iPlayer for "many more" devices.

Anthony Rose, writing on the BBC Internet blog, said: "We started with the iPhone because it is the device most optimised for high quality video currently available."

Users can access the iPlayer site in order to access the new 516Kbps streams of BBC programmes, comprising 400Kbps H.264 video and 116Kbps AAC audio.

For more information on how the BBC has done this, and further plans for the iPlayer, see the BBC blog here.

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