New features coming to PS4 and Xbox One with November updates

Just three months ago, the Xbox One had been on course to become the first of the two to support 3D Blu-ray discs – only for the PS4 to trump its rival. It was, of course, just one of the features to be included in their respective updates.

Now it's nearly time for the latest updates to emerge, and both Sony and Microsoft have offered an insight into what we can expect. So, if you're a PS4 or an Xbox One owner, here's what's included in this upcoming update.

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PlayStation 4

For PlayStation 4 owners, this is update version 2.00 – codenamed Masamune. And with it comes some "big features" according to the Japanese electronics giant; features that include Share Play, support for YouTube and Themes.

Share Play has been described as a "virtual couch" – creating an "online local co-op experience" that will let you invite your friend to join a game, even if they don't own a copy. You can even jump into a game to help out.

Meanwhile, Themes is regarded as one of the PS3's more popular features and is now coming to PS4. Other additions in v2.00 include a USB Music Player; a Players You May Know feature; and enhanced Live Broadcasting.

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Xbox One

Microsoft is pledging "new and exciting ways to watch TV" among other features with its upcoming update for the Xbox One, which include Live TV Trending; Twitter TV Trending; and Recents; and Favourites in MiniGuide.

Live TV Trending has already arrived in the UK for preview members, which comprises a new tab in OneGuide to display the top 20 most watched TV shows. Twitter integration is also designed to help you find new shows to watch.

In addition to the TV features, the new Xbox One update includes improvements to the store so it's easier to browse and find content; SmartGlass upgrades; and the ability to customise your gaming profile and backgrounds.

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