New Apple iPod Shuffle does the talking

Apple iPod Shuffle

The controls are now positioned on the right-hand earbud chord to keep the player as small as possible, although this might make it more difficult to add your own headphones if you want to upgrade them.

The new Shuffle has a special feature called VoiceOver. As there's no screen on the player, VoiceOver lets you press a button and the device will tell you the name of the song or artist you're listening to. It can also announce the name of your playlists, or tell you when your battery needs charging.

And the 'shuffle' switch has three modes: flip it to the left and the music will play in random order; flip it to the middle and all your songs play in order; or flip it to the right to turn it off.

The player comes iin silver or black anodised aluminium, with a stainless steel clip.