Netflix's 'Play Something' feature is now available through Alexa

Netflix's 'Play Something' feature is now available through Alexa
(Image credit: Amazon/Netflix)

Finding something new to watch on Netflix is now as easy as speaking out loud. That's because Netflix's 'Play Something' feature is now available through Amazon's Alexa personal assistant – just say "Alexa, play something on Netflix" and it'll do as bid.

... though obviously you'll need the right gear in the first place: Amazon's Fire TV devices have Alexa built in, as do its Echo smart speakers.

Play Something picks a show or movie for you based on your viewing history. It aims to take the hassle out of finding something to watch – as anyone who's ever had an evening of endless scrolling will attest, there is such a thing as too much choice.

The feature is already available on TVs and Android smartphones.

At the moment, it's only available on Fire TV devices in the US and Canada. We would expect it to roll out to those devices in other regions soon.


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