Netflix's ad tier might keep some content ad-free

Netflix's ad tier may keep some content ad-free
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Netflix's ad tier might not serve up ads on everything it shows. Some content could be exempt – namely new Netflix original movies and certain kids' content, according to Bloomberg.

However, don't think you'll escape ads on Netflix films forever. The report says the streaming service might not run ads on its original films while they're new, but could insert them at a later date.

Parents will likely be relieved at the ad ban on kids' content, but again, it won't apply across the board. The report says that Netflix's original kids' programming will be free from ads, though this ban could extend to content made by third parties too. That's likely because some studios might not let Netflix show ads during its content, though ads could always appear before or after.

Netflix's ad tier is expected to land early next year. It's the firm's attempt to stem the flow of leaving subscribers after it lost members recently for the first time in over a decade. Not all of Netflix's content will be available in the cheaper, ad-supported tier. And last week we heard that the tier might not allow downloads for offline viewing.

Disney Plus is also planning to launch an ad-supported tier, though its offering should land at the end of this year. It seems like there will be plenty to digest on the streaming front in the coming months...


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