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And it could be bad news for Premium subscribers...

Netflix could soon introduce a new flagship ‘Ultra’ tier to sit above its Basic, Standard and Premium plans, according to Italian blog TuttoAndroid.

The report suggests Ultra would provide access to Ultra HD and HDR content, as well as allow simultaneous playback on four screens. The latter feature is already part of the Premium plan, but it has been suggested the introduction of Ultra could see simultaneous screen usage for Premium subscribers halve to two. If that's the case, we don't imagine Premium subscribers would take too kindly to losing features...

Netflix spokesperson Smita Saran confirmed the news to CNET, stating: “we are testing slightly different price points and features to better understand how consumers value Netflix."

Users in Italy have reported seeing the new tier for €16.99 per month (compared to €13.99 for Premium), while Cordcutting.com has reported the change in other European countries too, with Netflix’s German site showing a €16.99 or €19.99 price, depending on the browser being used.

Ultra is nowhere to be seen on the Netflix UK or US site, though, and testing appears to be in the early stages - which suggests any possible rollout of a new tier could be some way off.

[Image credit: cordcutting.com]


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Take it from me, Netflix, you

Take it from me, Netflix, you won't be getting any extra out of my pocket. Stuff like this makes me cancel or downgrade subscriptions, not pay extra for something I was already getting and then had taken away from me...