Netflix rolls out on Virgin Media TiVo

Breaking Bad

UPDATE: Netflix is set to go live on Virgin Media today, bringing the Netflix app to over 1.8 million Virgin TiVo homes. The Netflix roll out is scheduled to be complete on all Virgin TiVo boxes by November 15th.

New and existing Virgin customers who sign-up to the Premiere or VIP Collections can also get six-months free access to Netflix, otherwise existing customers will have to settle for Netflix's usual one month trial offer.

Virgin makes the pertinent point that thanks to the dedicated internet connection inside all TiVo boxes, using streaming video services such as Netflix on your Virgin box won't slow down the internet connection for the rest of the house and other devices.

Following a pilot that launched in September, see below, Netflix is now set to roll out in the Apps & Games section of Virgin Media TiVo boxes.

Netflix delivers SD and HD TV and films, with the UK service offering the likes of Breaking Bad – a Netflix exclusive – Arrested Development, House of Cards and more.

Netflix joins Virgin's own movie offering, Sky Movies and PictureBox on Virgin Media.

Published 10.09.2013

Good news for Virgin TiVo customers – the cable TV service has signed a deal to bring Netflix to its pay-TV platform.

That means Virgin subscribers will be able to watch original Netflix series such as House of Cards, Hemlock Grove, Arrested Development and Orange Is the New Black, as well as exclusives such as the hit series Breaking Bad, now in its fifth season.

The Netflix app will complement Virgin Media's existing collection of more than 6000 hours of on-demand content.

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Dana Strong, Virgin Media's chief operating officer, says: "We're delighted to be bringing yet another ground-breaking service onto TV screens in millions of Virgin homes. Netflix is a fabulous addition to Virgin TiVo."

The pilot scheme begins this week with around 40,000 Virgin Media TiVo households selected to use the Netflix app. For the pilot, the Netflix app will be available in the Apps & Games section on TiVo, with existing Netflix members able to log-in using their existing Netflix credentials.

New members will be able to sign up for Netflix via the app. Netflix will be rolled out to all 1.7 million Virgin TiVo customers following the completion of the pilot later this year.

According to the BBC, Virgin may in due course offer Netflix as part of a bundled service. We put the suggestion to Virgin, who replied: "We'll confirm full proposition details at launch later this year."

Last month Virgin signed up BT Sport which will also be available on Virgin TV Anywhere.

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