Multi-Room Company brings Plinius Hiato amp to the UK

Plinius Hiato

Hiato means "to gather together" and implies "harmony" in the native Maori language of Te Reo. This, says Plinius, perfectly explains the philosophy behind the creation of the Hiato: the power supply, preamp stage and power amplifiers are designed to integrate flawlessly.

Inputs are provided for four line level sources and there's an optional user-adjustable phono input, with high-quality WBT RCA connectors used throughout, plus additional balanced XLR inputs for Line 1 and CD connections.

The unit can be integrated with a home cinema system via the HT bypass input, remote IR and 12v trigger function.

Portable devices can be connected using the 3.5mm jack on the front panel, and a line level output allows recording. There are also preout connections for biamping.

Power output is a claimed 300w into 8ohms, making it considerably more poweful than Plinius's previous integrated amplifiers.

The solid aluminium casework is available in black or silver. The standard Hiato costs £5900, and the Hiato P (with optional phono stage) is £6700.