Meridian DSW
First sub with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology integrates with Meridian controllers and systems

Meridian has unveiled the DSW subwoofer, designed to complement the company's range of DSP speakers for stereo and multichannel systems.

It's the firm's first true Digital Signal Processing (DSP) subwoofer, with a powerful 12in driver. The DSP technology monitors signal, volume level and temperature to provide advanced bass and thermal protection, so the sub can be played louder and longer, Meridian claims.

Using Meridian's proprietary SpeakerLink system, the DSW can easily be integrated into any Meridian system, including Meridian Surround Controllers and the Audio Core 200.

SpeakerLink also means the DSW can be configured from an attached Surround Controller or Audio Core 200.

Available this month, the Meridian DSW digital active subwoofer costs £3000.

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