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Massive Black Friday TV deal: get a huge 77-inch LG OLED TV for less than £3000

best black friday tv deals
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If you've been considering going massive with your next TV, now is the time to pounce, as both the 2020 and 2021 versions of LG's C-series OLED have just received  extra Black Friday discounts.

These TVs had already dropped in price in the run up to the big day, but the deals are now even better, with the 2020 77-inch LG CX down to just £2899 and it's replacement, the 77-inch LG C1, only £100 more thanks to a brilliant £2999 deal at Sevenoaks.

Black Friday 77-inch LG OLED deals


LG OLED77CX OLED TV £4999 £2899 at Amazon
If you're looking for the ultimate 2020 TV, this could well be it. It takes all of the features and abilities of the smaller CX models and stretches them out to a truly immersive and cinematic 77 inches. And the bigger the TV, the bigger the discount: you can save a whopping £2100 on this TV right now.

LG OLED77C1 2021 OLED TV:  £3999

LG OLED77C1 2021 OLED TV: £3999 £2999 at Sevenoaks
The 2021 version of LG's C-series TV has also now been discounted. It's not hugely better than the CX, above, but it does have better motion processing, a more complete app selection and a new Game Optimiser feature that gives you instant access to the set's many next-gen gaming features. The price on page is £3099 but use code 'GDSAVE100' at checkout to get a further £100 off.

The C-series has long been the sweet spot in LG's OLED TV range: the point at which you get all of the company's top features and picture processing tech at the best price. Stretch that up to a whopping 77 inches and you're in Dream TV Land.

But which model to go for: the 2020 CX or the new C1? There's actually not a huge amount to choose between them, particularly in terms of raw specs and features. The huge OLED panel is largely the same for each, they look essentially identical, they support the same HDR formats (HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision IQ), and both TVs boast a full suite of next-gen gaming features: four HDMI 2.1 sockets that support 4K@120 (complete with Dolby Vision), VRR and ALLM, plus an HGiG mode for more authentic HDR.

The differences come down to the C1 having a newer processor that brings improvements to de-contouring (which reduces banding in colours) and dynamic tone mapping, a new and very effective Cinematic Movement motion processing mode, a new Game Optimiser interface for quicker access to all of those lovely gaming features, a new version of webOS that some people prefer and others don't, and a new, even nicer remote control.

Overall, the picture quality of the C1 is marginally better than that of the CX. It sounds more open and spacious as well, but it's also less direct and engaging. Both TVs should be partnered by at least a soundbar if that's an option.

So, which of the two should you buy? Originally, the price difference was £300 and we suggested going for the CX. Now that Sevenoaks has dropped the price of the C1 to within just £100 of the CX, it's the newer model we'd buy. Be quick: this deal can't last long.

If you fancy an LG CX or C1 in a smaller size, you'll see the latest, lowest prices for all versions in the box below (although the CX is fairly rare now).


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