Best Samsung S95D deals: get the lowest price on a five-star QD-OLED TV

Samsung QE65S95D QD-OLED TV
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Samsung’s latest QD-OLED TV represents a big improvement over its already technically impressive predecessor and sets a lofty bar for high-end TVs this year. The great news is that the discounts have already begun to pop up despite it being such a new model.

It is available in three sizes: 55-, 65-, and 77-inch models. It came out as one of the first new OLED TVs of 2024 and when we reviewed the 65-inch model, we were impressed with just how bright it can go, not just by OLED standards, but against any display currently available. 

It features the third generation of Samsung's Quantum Dot take on OLED technology, which marks a big step up in performance over the previous model. It also includes four HDMI 2.1 ports rated at 48Gbps and supports 4K / 120Hz, VRR, and ALLM, which is great news for anyone looking to get the best out of the latest gaming experiences. 

Another thing worth noting is that this new model cost around the same or even less than the previous S95C did at launch. Considering the S95C received a four-star review while the new S95D earned the full five stars, this is excellent news and further discounts will make the transaction even sweeter. 

Let's get started with all the best deals available.

Samsung S95D (55-inch)

Samsung S95D TV

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Launch price: £2499 / $2599 / AU$3999

If you're looking for a new QD-OLED TV with the smallest footprint, the 55-inch S95D might be the one for you. While by no means minute, it's the smallest version of this TV and should be fairly easily to accommodate in most set-ups. 

We haven't reviewed this exact size but we expect the same level of excellent HDR performance and support, excellent gaming specs, and stunning picture quality. Hopefully, a fresh discount makes it even more attainable for anyone interested. 

Samsung S95D (65-inch)

Samsung QE65S95D QD-OLED TV

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Launch price: £3599 / $3400 / AU$4999

This is the model that we've spent a lot of time in our testing rooms with. It earned a five-star review in impressive fashion, cutting no corners and leaving very little to be desired. 

One of the first things that hit us during testing is just how bright this TV is, not just by OLED standards, but against any display currently on the market. With the S95D, even aggressively mastered 4K Blu-ray titles display unbelievable intensity. Super-bright peak white highlights and wonderfully saturated colours are displayed alongside the deep black colours that OLED TVs are typically renowned for.

Samsung S95D (77-inch)

Samsung S95D TV

(Image credit: Samsung)

Launch price: £4599 / $4599 / AU$7999

This is as big as the S95D comes. If 65 inches just isn't enough, well, then there's the 77-inch model ready to fill a rather sizeable gap in your living room. 

Like the 55-inch version, we haven't spent time with this specific model in our test rooms, however, we expect to find the same balanced, consistent performance as we found with the 65-inch hero. It's no wonder the S95D is a strong contender for TV of the year, so far. 


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