Mark Levinson rolls out a heavyweight pre/power combination

Mark Levinson No.532

The preamp is described as 'exceeding all reasonable expectations for a stereo preamplifier.' It has seven configurable inputs, three on balanced XLRs and four on standard phonos, and a choice of balanced or phono outputs. It also has a bypass function for home cinema integration.

Mains noise and fluctuations are tackled by onboard filtering, and there are separate power supplies for the audio and control circuits, plus a steel shielding box to keep the power supply and audio sections isolated from each other.

The power amp, meanwhile, is said to be 'best Mark Levinson dual-mono amplifier ever built', and combines two 400W mono power amps in a single chassis.

The power supply and control circuitry is mounted centrally, ensuring the two channels are kept entirely apart, with the transformers at the front of the chassis, away from the audio circuits.

The No.532 has both RCA and XLR inputs, and weighs 55.2kg.

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