Luxman's flagship L-509Z integrated amp is bringing high-end performance for its centennial celebrations

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In preparation for its celebrations of 100 years in the audio business in 2025, premier Japanese brand Luxman has announced the arrival of its new L-509Z integrated amplifier in the UK. Building on the legacy of the previous flagship, the five-star L-509X model, the new amp produces a power output of 120 watts per channel into an 8 ohm load (or 240W per channel into 4 ohms). It also brings in the brand's patented "LIFES" feedback engine, first used in the M-10X power amp and then again in the C-10X, to this new flagship model.

The high-end amp sports a redesigned negative feedback circuit, with the next-gen circuitry offering what Luxman teases will be "extremely high-quality sound". A new rotary encoder helps to manage the unit's volume controls, for "smoother and more precise volume control than ever before", while a new phono stage circuit is designed to deliver more faithful reproductions of analogue recordings. 

This integrated amplifier isn't short on connectivity options. As well as a phono stage, the new L-509Z has four single-ended RCA line-level inputs and two balanced XLR inputs. At the front, the L-509Z boasts both 4.4mm and 6.3mm headphone jacks. High-quality RCA terminals are employed for lines-in inputs, while it can switch between two pairs of speakers

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The unit's upgraded phono stage supports both moving magnet and moving coil cartridges and lets you switch between low and high MC settings. The Luxman's highly stable power supply, meanwhile, is claimed to offer some serious oomph and stability, while low-resistance speaker relays and peel-coated circuit boards are all housed within the unit's ultra-thick aluminium chassis. 

The L-509Z sports a LED display for checking volume level alongside two traditional analogue power meters and a pair of rotary control knobs, one for controlling volume and the other for selecting the input. Further functions, including speaker selection, mute and tone control, are found on the front panel, while the L-509Z can also be controlled via a supplied remote. 

The Luxman L-509Z is already available in North America for around $12,495 (retailers vary) and you can now order it in the UK for £11,000.


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