Luxman has announced the arrival of a trio of high-end hi-fi separates, the D-06u CD/SACD player, C-700u stereo preamplifier and M-700u stereo power amplifier. All three go on sale this month for £6995 each.

The D-06u not only handles CD and SACD playback through its proprietary LxDTM transport, it also features a range of digital inputs, including asynchronous USB.

The player uses a high-grade Burr-Brown DAC which supports high-res PCM bitrates up to 32-bit/384kHz and DSD streams up to 5.64MHz.

The player comes with dedicated 'Luxman Audio Player' software for PC/Mac, which allows playback of various file formats including FLAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF and MP3.

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The C-700u stereo preamp uses Luxman's fourth-generation ODNF (Only Distortion Negative Feedback) amp circuit, designed to reduce distortion, while it also uses trickle down technology from the company's flagship C-900u preamp.

There's bass and tone adjustment, together with a 'loudness' setting for low-level listening and a 'line straight' button, which bypasses the tone controls. Connectivity includes seven line-level inputs and four outputs.

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The matching M-700u power amp fires out 120W per channel and features a customised power transformer for improved efficiency. It's also equipped with illuminated VU meters for extra retro appeal. Connections include heavy-duty speaker terminals, single-ended RCA sockets and and balanced XLR inputs.

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Meanwhile, in Scotland...

Linn will be fuming. Luxman has the audacity to produce a preamp and a CD player, oh the humanity...

I genuinely enjoy seeing different companies/people having different visions. Every now and then the diversity of the human spirit makes me glad that we live in a global village. 

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Let's not forget that Linn

Let's not forget that Linn recently wrote an editorial dismissing DSD, after producing some amazing SACD albums over the years.

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Does anyone actually make sacd in any quantity? 

making it worthwhile spending seven grand on a disc spinner? 

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Yes plenty of Sacd titles

Yes plenty of Sacd titles being made and sold.

7k? If that's small change then yes. Personally, a blu Ray spinner with dsd output suffices.

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Lovely Luxman & SACD's

Always admired the build quality, beautifully efficient circuit design, functionality & retro styling of Luxman electronics. Aswell as being impressed by their invitingly listenable, relaxed & silky presentation whenever i've had the opportunity to hear them.

If you're into Blues, Classical, Country/Folk, Jazz & Pop/Rock standards there are fair number of SACD titles to choose from. Providing you can get hold of them.

Whether the quality of the original mastering or the transfer process is always worth paying the inflated premium of SACD's is a different matter.

Having amassed a few hundred SACD's over the years, i reckon that approx. 40% are a significant improvement over the best CD's. Another 30% are little more than marginally better.

Analogue Productions, BIS, Chandos, Chesky Records, Columbia, Deutsche Grammophon, Epic, Harmonia Mundi, Linn Records, Living Stereo, Mercury/Polydor, Mobile Fidelity, PentaTone, SMJI, Sony/Sony Classical/Sony Classical(Japan)/Sony Music, Telarc & Universal tend to be better than most.