Lōkē is Wilson Audio's smallest ever active subwoofer

Wilson Audio Lōkē active subwoofer
(Image credit: Wilson Audio)

With the exception of its TuneTot 'bookshelf' speakers, Wilson Audio's loudspeaker output is not noted for its bijou dimensions – see the company's Chronosonic flagship towers, 161cm-tall Alexx V floorstanders, and even the slightly more compact Sasha DAW or SabrinaX for reference. But now, the Utah-based brand has unveiled its smallest and devilishly handsome new subwoofer, the curiously named Lōkē. (The enclosure is made from Wilson's proprietary and superhero-sounding X-Material, which goes a long way towards explaining the moniker.)

As you might expect, this little subwoofer, which measures just 35.2 x 52.7 x 55.2cm, is designed to work seamlessly with Wilson’s TuneTot speakers, as well as the three most compact floorstanders in the Wilson range – the aforementioned SabrinaX and Sasha DAW, plus Yvette.

Unlike Wilson’s larger subwoofers (named WATCH Dog, Thor’s Hammer and Wilson Audio Subsonic), Lōkē is an active model, with an integrated 500W amplifier feeding its woofer.

Lōkē’s amplifier incorporates functionality from Wilson’s ActivXO Dual Subwoofer Crossover, including crossover frequency and slope, phase and level. A custom 10-inch driver and port configuration developed from the same formulas promise peerless low-frequency performance.

Wilson Audio Lōkē

Lōkē in 'Bergamot Pearl' with a black grille (Image credit: Wilson Audio)

Made in Provo, Utah and finished in Wilson Audio’s automotive-class paint facility, Lōkē is now available to order in your choice of 21 (yes, 21) ‘Standard’, ‘Upgrade’ and ‘Premium Pearl’ Wilson Gloss colour options, as well as four grille colours. Click here for details.

In the UK, Lōkē is priced £8998 in Standard colours; £9500 in Upgrade colours and £10,998 in Premium Pearl colours, inclusive of VAT. US prices, meanwhile, start at $8750 (plus sales tax) for the standard colours. That roughly equates to around AU$12,030 – but that's before import taxes and distribution costs.


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