TuneTot: Wilson Audio’s smallest and most affordable speaker

The TuneTot is the latest product from Wilson Special Applications Engineering (WSAE), a line of Wilson Audio products designed to solve specific installation challenges.

They're the smallest and least expensive members of the Wilson family, designed for use on a desk in an office or bedroom-based system.

The speakers use cabinet and driver technology derived from Wilson's Alexx and Sabrina floorstanders, and also feature a special spike design.

One of the pairs of spikes on each speaker is fully adjustable - this means you can alter the angle of the speakers to suit your listening position.

The TuneTots are mounted, via the spikes, on an ISOBase, an interim platform placed between the TuneTots and the surface they're sat on. This is done to try and reduce any unwanted vibrations.

And it’s not just their size that reflects Wilson’s desire for flexibility. The ISOBase, is available in five different colours and four metal choices. The fabric grilles are available in six colours, too.

If you'd rather remove the grilles, Wilson has designed a ‘TuneTot Ring’, which covers the mounting hardware for the woofer. You can have this in one of four different colours.

The TuneTots, priced £10,998 per pair, are available now in several gloss finishes: ‘quartz’, ‘ivory’, ‘crimson’, ‘carbon’ and ‘teak’, as well as black and clear.


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