Live from the annual conference of the DTG (Digital TV Group): part 2

Hi all. Ok, it's lunchtime at the Digital TV Group summit, and I've just got a few minutes to catch up before I go back into the fray to listen to more talk about the future of TV.

At the end of my previous blog I mentioned 'Project Canvas' a big BBC idea. Basically, the plan is for the BBC, ITV and BT to provide a cross-platform, single-format TV service, using a hybrid of broadband and broadcast technology. Think 'broadband Freeview' and you've got the right idea.

The plan is for a combined service of HDTV, radio and web services, including on-demand catch-up TV using BBC's iPlayer and the ITV Player, as well as web content and interactive TV services.

The aim is a January 2010 launch. We'll see....

Right, back into the fray. More blogs soon, and check out our twitter page for a constant stream of tweets.