Linn Dynamik
Linn claims the Dynamik power supply is the most significant product improvement the company has ever implemented

Are you a fan of Linn products? Well, according to Linn, things are about to get a whole lot better. The new Linn Dynamik power supply is billed as the most "comprehensive product improvement" ever implemented.

Promising to power products more effectively by reducing noise and in turn optimising audio performance, the Dynamik power supply is now powering products across the Klimax, Akurate, Majik and Classik ranges.

Gilad Tiefenbrun, Linn managing director, said: "Linn owners will be absolutely amazed by the dramatic performance lift they can now achieve by upgrading to the new Dynamik power supply."

To find out more check out the Linn website, email or call customer support on 0500 888 909.