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LG C2 and G2 OLED TVs drop to lowest-ever prices in Amazon Prime Day sales

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Looking for massive savings on LG OLED TVs? Your timing is impeccable, because the mid-range C2 OLED TV and premium G2 OLED TV have just hit their lowest ever prices for Prime Day 2022.

Right now, the 42-inch LG C2 OLED TV is down from £1399 to just £1089 at Amazon (opens in new tab) – a huge saving of £310. And remember, this first-ever 42-inch OLED TV only went on sale two months ago!

The LG G2 – the company's state-of-the-art 'Gallery' model for 2022 – is also reduced. Hurry, and you can save £400 off the 55-inch (opens in new tab) model at John Lewis, resulting in a new low price of just £1999.

Best Prime Day sales

Best LG C2 OLED TV deals

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LG OLED42C2 2022 OLED TV £1399 £1089 at Amazon (save £300) (opens in new tab)
LG's first 42-inch OLED TV has only been available for five minutes but has already had a big discount. It's slightly less bright than the bigger C2 models but otherwise has the same features. That should make it a huge hit, particularly with gamers who want a desktop TV with all of the next-gen specs.

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LG OLED48C2 2022 OLED TV £1399 £1199 at Richer Sounds (save £200) (opens in new tab)
If you want a cutting edge 48-inch TV, the OLED48C2 is for you. This is the very latest LG OLED TV with all of the company's best tech and every gaming feature covered. Like the 42-inch version, it's not as bright as the bigger models, but it should still be an upgrade on last year's superb C1.

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LG OLED55C2 2022 OLED TV £1899 £1499 at Currys (save £200) (opens in new tab)
LG's new C2 is the ideal TV for most people. It's brighter than any 2021 OLED, produces brilliantly punchy but natural images and boasts every next-gen gaming feature you could ask for. And now it's available with a discount.

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LG OLED65C2 2022 OLED TV £2699 £2289 at Amazon (save £410) (opens in new tab)
While the G2 is an even better performer, the C2 is still the 2022 LG OLED TV that most people should buy, thanks to its irresistible performance-per-pound credentials. It's got a flawless set of next-gen gaming features, too.

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LG OLED77C2 2022 OLED TV £3699 £3499 at Amazon (save £200) (opens in new tab)
If you have the space for it, the mighty 77-inch C2 is an outstanding choice for movies, gaming and sport. It measures just over 1.7 metres wide (1711mm, to be exact). 

Best LG G2 OLED TV deals

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LG OLED55G2 2022 OLED TV £2399 £1999 at Amazon (save £400) (opens in new tab)
While most people will be best served by the C2, above, the G2 is even brighter and punchier and boasts a frame-like design that makes it look particularly brilliant when wall-mounted. Do bear in mind that there's no stand in the box.

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LG OLED65G2 2022 OLED TV £3299 £2999 at John Lewis (save £300) (opens in new tab)
The G2 offers the best 4K picture quality that LG currently produces, boasting not only OLED Evo technology, but also an added heatsink that allows the panel to be pushed to even brighter levels. The design is also lovely (though bear in mind that a wall bracket is included but a stand is not) and every gaming feature imaginable is supported.

In terms of picture quality, the LG C2's 'Evo' technology delivers a crisp, bright image with gorgeous contrast and superlative detail even in dark scenes. And with "unbeatable gaming specs" – including 120Hz and VRR support – the C2 is a great option for those with a PS5 or Xbox Series X console.

The sound of the LG C2 is decent, too, by TV speaker standards. It sounds smooth and spacious, which lends itself well to a cinematic feel, although we'd always recommend pairing a TV with a decent soundbar.

Having put both the G2 and C2 through their paces, the G2 certainly justifies its position at the top of LG’s 2022 OLED range. Its sound is a solid improvement over LG’s 2021 built-in audio, while the extra brightness it achieves thanks to its new heat sink and new processor delivers a sparkling 4K HDR picture.

All in all, the C2 is the best all-rounder, and the model that most people should buy – especially when you consider the discounts listed above. But if if you want LG’s best 4K OLED TV in 2022, splash the cash on the G2.


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