LG develops soundbars, soundbases and wireless speakers for 2014

Giant curved 4K screens, OLED TVs and the continuation of plasma technology may have grabbed all the headlines at this morning's LG press conference at CES 2014, but there were some other notable products announcements too.

The Korean giant has developed a range of new soundbars, soundbases, Blu-ray players and wireless speakers for 2014.

There are two new soundbars, the LG NB3740A and NB5540 (above), the latter with Bluetooth, a 'hi-fi DAC' and Class D amp); an entry-level SoundPlate for TVs up to 55in with 4.1 channels and 120W of power; and a 'step-up' model, the LAB540W SoundPlate, which includes a built-in 3D Blu-ray player, smart TV functionality and a wireless subwoofer.

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The LAB540W (below) also offers wireless audio streaming from a second device via Bluetooth or wi-fi.

Like its arch-rival Samsung, LG is also muscling in on the market for wireless multiroom speakers. There are two new models, the LG NP8740 (70W, below) and the NP8540 (40W). They both use the latest mesh network technology, which includes dual-band wi-fi support (2.4/5GHz).

Several speakers can be set up in different rooms to create a simple multiroom system. The system supports 24-bit/192kHz playback and users can either play the same song throughout the house (Party Mode), or different songs through each speaker (Personal Mode). Control is via the obligatory smartphone app.

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Lastly, LG has not forgotten Blu-ray, developing three new players for 2014 including the flagship BP740 with 4K upscaling and magic remote.

By Andy Clough

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