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Leema Acoustics Antila CD player receives an eco upgrade

Leema Acoustics Antila IIS Eco

Leema Acoustics has given its Antila CD player an eco upgrade, reducing standby power consumption to "well below" new EU limits.

In addition, the Antila IIS Eco (as it's now called) is fitted with Leema's latest DAC innovation: the Leema Quattro Infinity DAC.

This new digital-to-analogue converter is said to improve upon the Leema Multi-DAC previously used by having a shorter signal path, better stereo separation, lower noise and better transient response.

Only one channel of each stereo DAC is used and they're housed in separate left and right channel screening enclosures.

A Wolfson digital receiver replaces the Burr Brown device used in earlier players.

Like its predecessor, the Antila IIS Eco is fully compliant with Leema's Intelligent Protocol System (LIPS) which powers up a compatible amp and selects the CD input from a single press of the play button on the CD player.

Optical and coaxial digital outputs are fitted as standard.

A brand-new Leema Acoustics Antila IIS Eco will cost you £2995; if you want to upgrade any existing Antila player to the Antila IIS Eco spec, Leema will charge you £1399.

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