Samsung 3.9mm LCD
New design is almost a third of the thickness of current LED-lit LCDs, making possible TVs just 2cm deep

Samsung has announced the development of an LCD TV display panel just 3.9mm thick – the thinnest in the world, and a crucial 2mm slimmer than that shown by Korean rival LG.

The new design, called Needle Slim, uses LED edge-lighting together with new optical film manufacturing technology to spread the light behind the screen.

The company says the prototype screen still supports full HD resolution, 5000:1 contrast ratio and 120Hz refresh rate, despite its slim dimensions.

The 3.9mm panel is around 7mm slimmer than the company's current production LED-lit displays, and 46mm thinner than conventionally-lit  LCDs.

It also undercuts the most recent slim displays shown by LG Display, which are 5.9mm thick.

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It could take a couple of years before this Needle Slim technology is commercialised, but it's thought the panel will make it possible to build large-screen TVs not much more than 2cm thick.

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