The King is dead, long live ... The X Factor?!?

Almost as many words have been written about the 30th anniversary of Elvis Presley's demise as calories consumed by The King on that fateful August night, writes Clare Newsome, and even as a fan, I wasn't intending to add my own here. But while hunting down vintage Elvis clips on YouTube, I saw something that made me change my mind.

It was a trailer for the new series of The X Factor, which starts this Saturday. Will there be a kid that walks into an audition and have the same effect a young Elvis (eventually) had on Sam Phillips at Sun Studios? Who knows (she says, the eternal optimist)?

But if you want to take bets, here's two very different live performances from a 21 year old Elvis:

Heartbreak Hotel

Peace in the Valley

And here's The X Factor trailer.

Right, i'm off home to watch something suitable - still deciding on Elvis: That's the Way It Is or the special edition of the 1968 Comeback Special - and enjoy my heavyweight vinyl pressing of the Sun Sessions.