KEF teases LS60 Wireless speakers for its 60th anniversary

KEF teases LS60 Wireless for its 60th anniversary
(Image credit: Twitter / KEF)

KEF will unveil the LS60 Wireless speakers on Thursday, May 12th, the firm has announced on Instagram. They'll be launched as part of the company's 60th anniversary celebrations.

KEF hasn't revealed any firm details about the speakers yet, but we can take an educated guess. The LS60 Wireless should follow on from the five-star and Award-winning LS50 Wireless II. The LS50 Wireless II aren't just speakers but an all-in-one wireless system with amplification and wireless streaming built-in, so we assume the LS60 will follow suit. And, looking at the teaser image it appears as though they'll take the form of floorstanding speakers, a first for the line.

KEF has previously said it would celebrate its 60th year by announcing "several new boundary-pushing products" and it looks as though the LS60 Wireless will be one of the first to surface in just six days.

KEF has good reason to celebrate its 60th anniversary. The company was founded in 1961 by Raymond Cooke, a BBC-trained engineer who went on to work for Gilbert Briggs at Wharfedale for five years, before branching out on his own to experiment in plastic driver cones. KEF has since launched all manner of speakers (wireless, home theatre, in-ceiling, etc), subwoofers, headphones, and more.

We can't wait to see and hear the latest addition to KEF's wireless family, so be sure to check back on Thursday when we'll bring you all the breaking news.


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  • podknocker
    I'd like to see a passive LS60 meta released. I have just about convinced myself to start saving for the LS50 meta, so might wait and see, again.
  • nopiano
    podknocker said:
    I'd like to see a passive LS60 meta released. I have just about convinced myself to start saving for the LS50 meta, so might wait and see, again.
    Yes, that would be interesting. But I suspect KEF are seeking lifestyle purchaser who just want to add a streamer, or just use a phone plus these speakers.
  • podknocker
    I've been hoping, for years, that KEF release a small, slim floorstander, like my old KEF Q35.2 and repeat the single white Uni-Q driver design. Most new floorstanders, are huge and have many bass units, to augment the output. I'm not really into loads of bass, but a cheaper version of the Spendor A4 is what I'm really after. The Q35.2 and the Q15.2 standmount, seemed to hit the sweet spot, back in the day. At 91dB, they were easy to drive and sounded fabulous. I'd only consider standmounts that can be screwed into sturdy stands and give a solid foundation, with no wobbling, like the LS50 metas. I often bump into my QA3030i speakers, in my small living room, when opening or closing the windows, for example and because they are screwed into the matching stands, they rock around, but then settle down, with no chance of toppling. I dread to think what people go through, knocking a Harbeth speaker off a stand and damaging something worth 3 grand. Makes me wince, just thinking about it.