KEF LSX II LT brings award-winning wireless system formula to more affordable speakers

KEF LSX II LT speaker in Sage Green on desk
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It's fair to say we're big fans of KEF's wireless speaker systems, which neatly pack in source connectivity, amplification and extensive streaming features into a pair of active speakers that look, sound and perform brilliantly. The LSX II and more premium LS50 Wireless II are convincing, versatile 'all-in-one' alternatives to a traditional hi-fi separates system, and both current What Hi-Fi? Award winners for that. Meanwhile, the high-end LS60 Wireless floorstanding system takes all-in-one hi-fi to a whole new level.

After the success of the compact, desktop-friendly LSX II, KEF has now launched a streamlined and, most importantly, cheaper version: the KEF LSX II LT. That's music to our ears.

You'll have to look closely to spot the differences between the two. The LSX II LT is near-identical to the LSX II, mirroring its design and dimensions and even using the same driver, amplification and streaming module. KEF says the sound performance should be exactly the same too – we've had a review sample in our testing rooms to find out for ourselves if this is true. Watch this space!

The LSX II LT uses KEF's 11th generation Uni-Q driver with the distinctive tangerine waveguide. These are fully active speakers, with an amplifier behind each driver in each channel, with a total of 200 watts of power from these baby KEFs (again, the very same quoted for the LSX II).

KEF LSX II LT speakers in white on desk with computer screen

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Streaming support is just as comprehensive, too: there's UPnP compatibility for playing music stored on your network, as well as support for AirPlay 2, Google Chromecast and Bluetooth 5.0 (up from the LSX II's Bluetooth 4.2). Tidal Connect, Spotify Connect, Amazon Music, Qobuz and Deezer are also supported, as is internet radio, and it's capable of playing high-resolution music files up to 24-bit/384kHz PCM and DSD128. You can control playback, volume and room EQ DSP features using the KEF Connect app for Android and iOS devices. And access to the internet is via wi-fi or Ethernet.

Physical inputs are present once again, albeit in a slightly different configuration. You still get an HDMI ARC input, an optical input and a USB-C input for plugging in a variety of sources, whether it's your TV, computer, CD player or games console. If you want more bass, there is a dedicated subwoofer output too.

KEF LSX II LT speakers in sage green showing rear panel connections

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Where KEF has been able to cut costs and offer the LSX II LT at a lower price compared with the LSX II is with the omission of a few features. It loses the wireless link between the two speaker units in favour of a wired connection, as well as the analogue aux input and Roon Ready certification.

On that first omission, only one speaker needs to be connected to the mains here (unlike both speaker units with the LSX), with the primary unit powering the secondary speaker using a three-metre interspeaker cable between the two. A longer, eight-metre interspeaker cable is also available to buy separately for £50, if you require more flexible positioning of the speakers.

KEF LSX II LT speakers in black, white and sage green finishes

(Image credit: KEF)

One visual change, too, is that the LSX II LT loses the luxury cloth covering element of the LSX II's cabinet; the new LT model sports a smooth finish all over and is available in three new colourways – Graphite Grey, Stone White and Sage Green. 

So, that all-important new price point: the LSX II LT costs £899 / $999 / AU$1695 – that's a good few hundred less than the current £1199 / $1400 / AU$2195 price tag for the LSX II. The new KEF LSX II LT speaker system is available to order online now for myKEF members only (it's free to join), with general sale following on 25th January.

If the LSX II LT really does deliver the same superb sonic performance that KEF is promising at a cheaper price point, we could be in for a treat.


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