New model uses LED edge-lighting, is just 6.4mm thick and weighs less than 6kg

The race for the world's thinnest, lightest TVs is showing no sign of slowing down, with JVC announcing what it claims as the new technology leader. Its GD-32X1 32in LCD display is just 6.4mm deep at its thinnest point, and weighs only 5.7kg.

It will go on sale in August, with a target of 10,000 units a year on the Japanese domestic market, and a price of approximately Y230,000, or about £1400.

That should give JVC a lead over Sony, which has a 40in TV a positively porky 9.9mm thick. The Korean competition – LG and Samsung – has shown screens just 6mm or so thick, but are yet to bring them to market.

Behind the slim dimensions is the use of LED edge-lighting, and the diplay offers Full HD resolution and 4,000:1 contrast. Input terminals extend to two HDMIs, analogue component, and composite video, with speakers available as an optional extra.

And while the display is only 6.6mm at its thinnest point, the total depth of unit is still pretty slim, at just 2.2cm.

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The JVC screen launches at the Digital Signage Japan show, opening tomorrow on the outskirts of Tokyo, and therein lies the only small snag: it's aimed at the commercial display market, and will be aimed at shops and other industrial applications.

However, as a demonstration of what can be done it may well point the way to slimmer JVC TVs in the near future.