ITV counts the cost of HD World Cup blunder

World Cup 2010

The company has apologised "unreservedly" for the "unacceptable interruption" to the game when human error led to high-definition viewers missing about 20 vital seconds of football. Those watching on ITV's standard-definition channel were not affected.

Instead of seeing Gerrard's goal, HD viewers had to watch an ad for Hyundai cars, one of the station's two multimillion pound sponsors for its coverage of the tournament.

ITV believes around 1.5 million people were watching the game on its HD channel at the time of the cock-up. It has blamed "human error" at Technicolor, its transmission supplier, for the problem.

In a statement the company said: "An error by ITV's transmission providers, Technicolor, meant that ITV1 HD's coverage of the England vs USA match was interrupted for approximately 20 seconds. We apologise unreservedly for the unacceptable interruption to high-definition coverage of the match."

Immediately after the blunder ITV switched its HD coverage to standard definition to avoid any further disruption to the broadcast.

You can read what viewers thought of the fiasco in this thread on our Forums.

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