IMAX Enhanced films coming to Europe on Sony Bravia TVs

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Sony Europe has teamed up with Rakuten TV to be the first to launch IMAX Enhanced film content in Europe, on select Bravia televisions.

IMAX Enhanced is the latest AV certification programme, designed to guarantee that the kit you're using and content you're watching is delivering the best picture and sound quality around. It has been co-developed by IMAX corporation and DTS, using IMAX digitally remastered 4K HDR content and DTS audio technologies.

"To qualify and carry the IMAX Enhanced logo, Sony's TVs have met a carefully prescribed set of performance requirements, set by IMAX, DTS engineers and Hollywood's leading technical specialists, to bring the highest-quality, sharpest 4K HDR images and powerful, immersive sound to the home," Sony says.

Sony models to receive IMAX Enhanced certification are the Master Series ZG9 8K HDR full array LED and AG9 4K HDR OLED sets, as well as the XG95 Series 4K HDR full array LED TV.

IMAX Enhanced content will be available on those sets via Rakuten TV with a selection of Sony Pictures Entertainment films such as VenomSpider-Man: HomecomingJumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and Spider-Man: Far From Home (which includes 45 minutes of IMAX’s exclusive expanded aspect ratio). 

We've already tested a number of the relevant 2019 Sony TVs as you can see from the links below.


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