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Imagine Acoustics drives AirPlay up the wall with picture-frame speakers

The Imagine Acoustics SoundScene Model 1 speaker isn't the first you can hang on a wall, or indeed the first to double as a picture-frame.

It is, however, the first to have integrated AirPlay, so you can play direct to it from an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad, or indeed a computer running iTunes.

Distributed in the UK by Armour Home, the SoundScene speaker sells for £1100 as a unit to which your own art and frame can be attached, or £1300 complete with a choice of standard artwork and frame.

And under the skin is a complete stereo speaker system, using four Balanced Mode Radiator drive units: these contribute to a depth of just 4.6cm, and their side-firing design means any picture frame can be attached to the front of the SoundScene unit. Digital equalisation is used for each driver, and each is powered by its own 12.5W amplifier.

It's suitable for frames from A3 size up to 59.5x51.5cm, and a single speaker can be used, or several combined to create a multiform system.

Each SoundScene speaker is built to order, with assembly and frame manufacturing in Old Woking, Surrey, and the SoundEnclosure being built in Thame, Oxfordshire.

As well as the AirPlay version, Imagine Acoustics also makes a Model 2 version designed to house a Sonos ZP90 wireless receiver, enabling it to integrate with Sonos whole-house audio systems.

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