Sony Bravia Internet Video
New models, due in 2010, will provide access to online TV services from leading broadcasters

Sony is planning to add online TV services to its products early next year, and is working with leading broadcasters across Europe to provide services.

Bravia Internet Video will, Sony says, "enable viewers to experience on-line TV programmes in a natural, relaxing position in the Living Room through Bravia TVs, Sony Blu-ray Disc Players or Blu-ray home cinema systems."

The service will be accessed through the company's XrossMediaBar interface, and the company is partnering with broadcasters to provide content alongside the free on-demand stuff from the likes of YouTube and Dailymotion.

Signed up so far are ARD in Germany, M6 in France, Mediaset in Italy, RTVE, Antena3 and LaSexta in Spain and Five in the UK.

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