Gear4 CarDock
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In-car iPod FM transmitters often struggle to work effectively, but Gear4 says it's cracked the problem on its new CarDock with smart technology

In-car FM iPod transmitters are one of those great ideas that often don't work so well in practice. Getting them to lock on to a clear FM signal to your car radio can be a struggle, and they're prone to inteference.

Gear4 reckons it's cracked the problem with its new CarDock. It uses three clever pieces of technology to provide a better in-car iPod experience.

Firstly, it has ClearSearch to store the five clearest frequencies in the area you live in, and it can scroll through them with ease.

Then there's the fact that the CarDock can communicate with your car radio using RDS technology, so the track data from the iPod is displayed on the car radio.

And finally, the system uses Gear4's patented FollowMe technology that adjusts both the FM transmitter and the car radio to a clearer ferquency at the touch of a button.

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The Gear4 CarDock plugs into any car's 12V cigarette lighter, so it can charge the iPod while it's playing. It will be available in September for £49.99, and works with any iPod with a dock connector, including the iPhone.