If you don't fancy wearing the specs, Sharp has been working on some glasses-free LCD screens

Sharp has plans for an iPad-sized glasses-free 3D screen for 2011, after showing-off two prototype glasses-free 3D LCD panels on its stand at IFA today.

The company has provided the 3D screen for the soon to arrive Nintendo 3DS and had two prototype panels on display.

A 3.8in LCD complete with a 800 x 480 resolution advised an optimum viewing distance of 30cms to enjoy the 3D content, while there was also a larger 1280 x 768, 10.6in 3D LCD on display.

Both provided surprisingly watchable pictures provided you found the sweetspot and didn't expect miracles from such a small image.

Also tucked away on the stand was a 3D camera (pictured), capable of taking and displaying 3D pictures – it's clear the company hasn't been sleeping on 3D.

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As for uses for these 3D glasses-free screens, we're told to expect an interesting announcement tomorrow, so we'll be sure to bring you that just as soon as we get it...

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