Icon Audio unveils a trio of hi-fi products

Icon Audio CDX1

First to market are the CDX1 'pure valve' CD player, MB845 MkII monoblocs and HP 8 MkII headphone amplifier, being launched this week.

The CDX1 is designed by Icon Audio's founder, David Shaw. The digital and analogue sections are separated from each other, with the analogue valve section having a dedicated power supply with valve regulation and valve rectification.

The output valves are the 'legendary' 6SN7, while the digital section features a 192kHz, 24-bit upsampling DAC for high resolution. Two digital inputs (one optical, one coaxial) are included for connecting external devices.

Two versions of the CDX1 are available: the standard model costs £999.95, while a David Shaw Signature version with Jensen copper foil oil paper capacitors and premium valves is available for £1349.95.

In addition to the new MB845 monoblocs and headphone amp, Icon is also developing prototypes of the forthcoming MB90 MkII monoblocs and Stereo 60 MkIII integrated amp, designed around the new Tung Sol KT120 valves.

Joining these will be the Stereo 25 MkII, an upgrade to the entry-level model, featuring an internal headphone amp, valve rectification and tertiary output transformers.

Finally, Icon is working on the MB805, a reference standard, single-ended monobloc generating an output of 45W RMS. It will go on sale later this year.

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