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The new set-top box from Humax is the first of its kind to deliver the Freeview Play TV service and comes with a choice of storage and styling options.

The Humax FVP-4000T has built-in wi-fi for access to the catch-up services on Freeview Play, including BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, All 4 and Demand 5, with Netflix to be added in early 2016. There's also access to up to 12 free-to-air HD channels.

The box has three built-in tuners with recording functionality and comes in either 500GB or 1TB storage options. Humax says these will provide 300 or 600 hours of programme storage space respectively. Users will be able to see on screen how many hours worth of content is available to record, rather than a percentage. 

Humax has implemented a new compact design for the 4000T, as well as a leather-look top which comes in either Mocha (pictured) or Cappuccino finishes. A third model, with a black 'Nero' finish, will be available soon with a 2TB hard drive, exlusively through Humax's website and will cost £299.

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Freeview Play allows users to combine catch-up TV and on-demand services with live television, in a similar fashion to YouView. Users can scroll back through the programme guide to find programmes they’ve missed, provided there’s a catch-up service available for the channel. Demand 5, for example, isn't available as a service through the scroll-back function on the Humax box, even though the Demand 5 app is available on the box.

The 4000T runs Freeview Play and is DLNA certified, allowing users to stream live SD content to another DLNA device, such as a smartphone or tablet. So if one person is watching one programme on the TV, someone else can watch a different programme on a tablet - all from the same box. 

Humax says it's possible to stream up to six different recorded programmes to six different devices. The 4000T can also access content from Networked Attached Storage (NAS) devices, with stored files appearing in search results on the box.

The Humax FVP-4000T is available now for £200 (500GB), £230 (1TB) or £299 (2TB).

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Tooslow's picture


A brown PVR?? So which tvs does this match then in Humax's vivid imagination?

cs2011's picture

It certainly is unbelievably

It certainly is unbelievably ugly.  Looks more like a sandwich maker.  Epic fail.

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don't judge book by its cover

had this since Monday, yeah the design is a little marmite but its small enough to be discreet, the important thing is what it does, picture quality is faultless, epg is a little slow and i would like to be able to see more channels at once, hopefully an udate for the future. has worked flawlessly so far, although on initial setup wizard couldn't find my network so had to skip then went back in to menu and found no issues, needs to be hard wired to internet, wouldn't play anything over wi fi even though my other devices do without issue - will do full review once played with it for the week