Montana fireplace
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Looking for somewhere to hide your flatscreen TV? How about inside a fireplace? The Montana model from Picture House TV will do just that

Oooh, nice. Here's just the thing for every Premiership footballer's mansion. A fireplace from which your flatscreen TV will rise majestically into place.

The new Montana model from Picture House TV Furniture will set you back at least £4000, and joins other new models in the Picture House range including the Richmond, Havana and Valenza.

The Montana shown here has a relatively small footprint (33.4cm front to back) and emits 2kW of heat. Press the remote control and the TV automatically rises to viewing height; press it again and it will disappear back into its slot.

Inventor and furniture designer David Free, who runs Picture House TV and presents The Great British Woodshop on Discovery Real Time, says: "My living room looked soulless with this big, black box on the wall, so I came up with the idea of concealing the TV inside a working fireplace, which creates a focal point for the room."

Finished in cream marble, the Montana is available with a choice of pebble, lava rock, woodland log or driftwood fires. It will accommodate a flatscreen TV up to 50in.

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The marble surround is free standing and doesn 't require a chimney or flue, so if you move house, you can take it with you.