Highlights from CES Unveiled 2011

The Consumer Electronics Show is well and truly underway here in Las Vegas, with all the major press conferences scheduled for later today. But we've already had a glimpse of some of the new tech coming our way at CES Unveiled, so here's a quick roundup of what we've seen so far:

Pure Contour, a £199 iPod dock with built-in internet radio, wi-fi streaming and video output. More details in our news story. Pure also tells us that it will be giving its internet radio portal, The Lounge, a major makeover and v2 of the site will be available from the end of January/early February.

Pure Contour £199

Orbitsound T14 wireless dock system due on sale in the third quarter of this year for around £400. The British company has developed a working prototype of the system, with twin optical and a pair of analogue inputs, wireless iPod dock and subwoofer, remote control and built-in amplification.

Orbitsound T14 £400

The much anticipated iHome iW1 AirPlay speaker system will go on sale in the UK for £299 in the second quarter of this year. iHome has also launched its iA100 iPad/iPhone/iPod dock with Bluetooth connectivity and FM radio, selling for £199.

iHome iW1 AirPlay speaker £299

iHome iA100 iPad dock £199

One of the most eye-catching stands was The House of Marley, a new range of electronics created by the family of Bob Marley in partnership with HoMedics. Their aim is to develop "premium quality, eco-conscious products that embody Bob Marley's and his family's values of equality, unity, authenticity, sustainabilty and charity".

The Marley range will be available in the US from the second quarter of 2011, and consists of three line-ups: Jammin', Freedom and Destiny. Products range from $30 headphones to iPod docks, speakers and boomboxes up to $500, as you can see below.

House of Marley Jammin' dock

House of Marley Destiny dock

House of Marley Jammin' headphones

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Andy Clough

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