A high-end phono stage – Italian style

Audia Flight Phono

The compact power unit keeps the transformers and noise-free power supplies away from the delicate signals from moving magnet and moving coil cartridges, while the main enclosure houses the main phono preamp.

This uses a new generation of amplifier circuits, and uses passive networks for the RIAA record equalisation. It also offers fine adjustments for the cartridge loading with the input impedance being selectable across 16 steps from 6.9 ohms to 47 Kohms and the capacitance from 47pF to 597pF.

It can be supplied with any mix of input modules, so you could have two moving coil inputs instead of the standard moving coil and moving magnet.

The front panel carries a power switch; an input selector; a 10dB gain boost switch; a mono switch and a switch for the optional IEC Filter equalisation. Outputs are on conventional or balanced sockets.

Audia Flight is distributed in the UK by Henley Designs.