HANNspree HT11
The company may have a rather irritatingly liberal attitude when it comes to using capital lettes, but HANNspree also makes some eye-catching TVs, including this HT11 19in set

According to HANNspree the average UK household claims to have 2.3 TVs. Owning 0.3 of a TV seems rather curious but of course we know what they mean. So if you're thinking maybe you ought to add a second set in the bedroom or kitchen, how about the 19in HANNspree HT11?

The confusingly-titled HT11 – it's 19 inches big, not 11 – makes a point of its 170-degree viewing angle, making it easy to view from your slumber or as you wander around the kitchen, while also boasting a 1280 x 1024 HD-Ready resolution and an HDMI input.

There's a digital Freeview tuner on board as well as an analogue one, while there's also component, Scart  and VGA inputs. A claimed 1000:1 contrast ratio and 5ms response time completes the specification.

It certainly looks rather smart, in a shiny kinda way, while the staggering £189 price tag must be tempting. The HT11 is available now from Misco.