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The Chicago-based company raised around $1.6 million from its Kickstarter campaign and is now aiming to deliver turntables to some 4200 backers by December.

The Gramovox Floating Record player is made from a single block of maple or walnut, that is precision drilled to then house the electrical components and two 2in loudspeaker drivers with bottom porting for added bass.

Pavan Bapu, CEO of Gramovox says the the record player can bypass the built-in speakers and be connected to a current home audio system.


The record sits on an acrylic platter, claimed to be ultra-low resonance, and is secured with a screw-on cap on the spindle. A belt-drive system further aims to reduce vibration interference from the platter.

The fully adjustable carbon-fibre tonearm is spring-loaded and comes fitted with Audio Technica’s AT95E dual magnet cartridge, and the correct tracking weight already applied. 

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Backers were asked to pledge $349 for one of the turntables and Bapu expects to be able to deliver the units by December. The post-campaign price for the Floating Record is $449.

The Floating Record isn't the first vertical record player we've seen. Designer Roy Harpaz has created the Toc veritcal record player, which uses a linear tracking system that allows listeners to skip tracks with a remote control. There's still no word of a general release for Harpaz's deck, though.

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Technics too have made players which can be used vertically. My SL-7 with integrated clamp is one of them as is, I believe the SL-10.

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Gramovox Floating Record

Unfortunately I have a strong feeling this Gramovox Floating Record player will go down in the pages of audio history as something of a novelty rather then a piece of audio nirvana .

Personally i am not one for wasting money on gimmicks.

BTW, setting the correct tracking force, VTA & Anti skate must be quite challenging when your fighting against gravity.