Google Pixel 5a could launch tomorrow with a headphone socket

Google Pixel 5a could launch tomorrow, have headphone jack
(Image credit: Android Police)

Google's next budget smartphone could be here sooner than we think. The Pixel 5a is rumoured to be launching tomorrow, and the latest leaks suggest it will sport a 3.5mm headphone socket.

The launch date was revealed by a source who also shared images of the phone's components which are being sent to phone repair shops in the US, Android Police reports.

The big news is it will retain the 3.5mm headphone socket of the Pixel 4a, so you can plug in your wired headphones without having to worry about what the best wireless headphones are to partner it with.

Indeed, it looks very similar to its predecessor in nearly every respect. The back panel and camera layout are near-identical, for example, but the source says the back coating feels more rubbery than the 4a's hard plastic. The power button is also ribbed to make it easier to grip.

With its 4680mAh capacity, the battery is the biggest of any Pixel phone yet. And the price? It's rumoured to be $450 (about £325, AU$600).

This isn't the only new phone Google has in store. It recently confirmed the Pixel 6 will launch this autumn/fall, and that it will have a 120Hz screen and Google-made processor, positioning it as a proper premium phone to rival other flagships. It looks like Google wants both ends of the market covered...


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