Google Nest Hub Max adds a camera to the smart screen

Google Nest Hub Max adds a camera to the smart screen

Google has unveiled the Nest Hub Max, its first smart screen for the home with a camera built-in.

That makes it ideal for video calls, as well as working as a home security camera.

The successor to the camera-less Google Home Hub, the 10-inch device is the first to launch under the 'Google Nest' co-branding. Google bought Nest Labs in 2014, but kept it running as a company under its own name.

The Nest Hub Max also has facial recognition. This means it can recognise who is using it, and surface relevant notifications from their Google Account. Hence the whole family should be able to use it with separate accounts. 

Google Nest Hub Max adds a camera to the smart screen

It can track your face as you move around the room, meaning it will stay pointing at you during a video call even if you're tidying. And it can play music and other apps using hand gestures, so you don't have to touch the screen (handy when cooking).

When not in use, it doubles as a digital photo frame, cycling through a slideshow of your best photos. It detects the colour and light in your room, and matches your photos to their surroundings, so they blend in naturally to their environment.

On the audio side, it's equipped with stereo speakers and a three-inch subwoofer.

The Nest Hub Max costs £219/$229 and will ship this summer. You can find out more at the Google Store.


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