Google is making a cheaper, 1080p Chromecast with Google TV, source says

Google is making a cheaper, 1080p Chromecast with Google TV, source says
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Google is reportedly making a cheaper Chromecast streaming device with a maximum resolution of 1080p HD, a source has told Protocol. The news comes shorty after news leaked of another Chromecast in development, this one equipped for 4K and with support for a wider range of video codecs.

Protocol notes that the cheaper streamer should still run the same Google TV operating system as its pricier stablemate and come with a remote control. The main difference will be picture quality – while the existing Chromecast with Google TV can handle 4K streams, the new model will reportedly max out at 1080p HD.

The device could be marketed as 'Google Chromecast HD with Google TV' – even more of a mouthful than the current model. It would be priced less than the £60 ($50, AU$99) existing Chromecast, most likely around £10-£20 ($10-$20) cheaper in order to compete with lower-end streamers from the likes of Amazon and Roku.

It's also said to offer 2GB RAM and a 60fps frame rate, as well as the AV1 codec mentioned for the other Google streamer (which is reportedly codenamed 'Boreal').

Is Google planning more than one new streaming dongle? The current model launched in 2020 after all, so is getting on a bit in tech terms. Or are the reports confused and are actually referring to the same device? Hopefully we'll find out soon.


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