Apple TV 4K hits lowest-ever price before Prime Day sale ends

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The Apple TVs are some of the best streaming devices in the market, so anyone looking to give their 4K TV an IQ boost should know that now, thanks to Prime Day, you can pick up a 32GB Apple TV 4K for just $104.49 or a 64GB Apple TV 4K for $123.49 at Amazon. The previous Prime Day price was $109 and $129, so Amazon has awarded late shoppers with an extra $5 saving on each model before the sale officially ends at midnight (PT).

Either deal will net you savings of over 40 per cent – a size of saving very rarely seen on Apple products.

We at What Hi-Fi? loved the Apple TV 4K, giving it five stars in our review and complimenting its amazing image and audio quality, its huge selection of apps, and its fantastic usability, so you can buy this one with confidence.

Apple TV 4K Prime Day deal

Apple TV 4K 32GB: $179 $104.49 at Amazon

Apple TV 4K 32GB: $179 $104.49 at Amazon
The 32GB Apple TV 4K will give you access to every streaming service under the sun and provide high-quality video. It also has one of the best interfaces around which makes for a great user experience.

Apple TV 4K 64GB: $179 $123.49 at Amazon

Apple TV 4K 64GB: $179 $123.49 at Amazon
The 64GB Apple TV 4K can stream everything you'd like, but you'll also get a meaty storage capacity for whatever you'd like to download.

Media streamers are a dime a dozen these days, but every Apple product comes with the trademark Apple experience, and the Apple TV 4K is no different. This is a sleek, well-designed streamer that looks great to the eye as well as is easy for anyone (even those without a tech background) to navigate.

Plus, while an Apple TV, as you might expect, doesn't come with rich Alexa integration, you do get voice assistant support through Siri, so you can control your Apple TV hands-free if you'd like. Conveniently, there's a Siri button in the Apple TV remote that all you've got to do is press.

Apple TV 4Ks aren't slouches when it comes to image and audio quality, either. Picture quality is excellent with great contrast, vibrancy, and rich, deep blacks. Sound quality is similarly impressive, whether you're listening in stereo or Dolby Atmos. Apple TV 4Ks sound musical and give audio room to breathe.

If you own Apple devices and like the Apple user experience, an Apple TV 4K will likely make a great addition to your household, offering up the familiar services you know and love in high-quality all within the context of the Apple ecosystem. 

If you're in the market for a streamer, make sure to check out the Apple TV 4K.


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