Get a 55-inch LG B1 OLED TV for just £809 (and save on the C1 too)

Get a 55in LG OLED TV for just £809!
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LG's 2022 TV range is rolling out soon, and as such there are some fantastic deals to be had on LG's 2021 TVs. The firm has (temporarily) knocked 10 per cent off its 2021 TVs which, when added to some already existing discounts, makes for some tasty deals.

Take the 55-inch B1: originally priced at £1599, it's now reduced to £899 at Crampton & Moore. Chuck in the extra 10 per cent off, and it's now just £809 – nearly half price!

LG OLED B1 55in£1599 £809 at Crampton & Moore (save £790)

LG OLED B1 55in £1599 £809 at Crampton & Moore (save £790)
Yes, you read that right – a discount of nearly £800. That makes the B1 nigh-on half price. That's a crazy price for an OLED of this size, especially one made by market thoroughbred LG. Grab it while it's hot – this offer is due to expire on 29th March.

We haven't reviewed the B1, but it looks like a worthy addition to any lounge. It's positioned slightly cheaper than the Award-winning C1, with a downgraded processor (the Alpha 7 Gen 4) and two fewer HDMI 2.1 sockets. But it still packs a 120Hz panel, VRR and a 2.2ch, 40W sound system.

Speaking of the C1, the 55-incher now comes with an even bigger discount thanks to a special deal at Sevenoaks, bringing it down to £938.

LG OLED C1 55in£1700 £938.70 at Sevenoaks (save £761)

LG OLED C1 55in £1700 £938.70 at Sevenoaks (save £761)
Another superb LG TV, another massive discount. The C1 is a bit higher-end than the B1, but the 55-inch model can still be yours for under a grand. Use the special code GD10PC at Sevenoaks to get this big discount.

The C1 boasts the superb Alpha 9 processor and all of the latest gaming features. It's also available in a plethora of sizes go with this 55-incher. Want smaller? The 48-incher is for you. Want to watch in jumbo vision? Opt for the 83-inch size.

The 65-incher won a 2021 What Hi-Fi? Award. And we don't hand those out to just anyone.

Remember, these TVs are last year's models, so won't be as advanced as LG's new-for-2022 TVs. But they still offer plenty of appeal, and at these prices, are among the best TV deals around right now.

The 10 per cent discount on 2021 LG TVs runs until 29th March.


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